Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Latest Creative Idea Blog: The Sizzling Idea Blog

You may have noticed that it's been awhile since I last posted to this blog. Well, the truth is that I just got a bit tired of writing about things that I wasn't passionate about. Don't get me wrong. I love technology. It's awesome and is the only reason that life is this easy these days.

However, I just couldn't seem to produce anymore cool content about tech.

So I've made a little switch in direction. I've begun to write about not just awesome technological advances. I'm not just introducing the latest freeware, web tools, and gadgets-- I'm now writing aboutevery creative idea that makes the world a better place in my new blog, The Sizzling Idea Blog: Hot Banana Peppers.

Actually, I wouldn't say that I'm writing about every creative idea. I'm not writing about huge products like iPhones or cars, despite the fact that they are interesting ideas that improve our lives. I'm writing about those little ideas that make the little things a bit better.

Think about reversible clothing or umbrella hats or instant ice. They are the creative ideas that don't get recognized everyday. And I'd like to recognize them.

I think this is truly something that I'm passionate about. I love creativity. Just love it.

So if you're interested, I invite you to take a look at The Sizzling Idea Blog.

If not, I understand. Creativity isn't for anyone.