Thursday, January 8, 2009

Top 15 Best and Most Useful Facebook Applications

Facebook is arguably the most popular social network in the world right now and the entire website is based on the humble application. Applications are either user-generated or native-Facebook web programs (no downloads) that allow users to do such things as share favorite music, write notes, and compare people. Here are the 20 best user-generated applications:

15. Profile HTML

Get funky with your profile! Add some HTML to really spice it up possibly adding links to your websites, or other promotional banners.

14. Restaurants

This applications has a massive list of restaurants from around the world, complete with a few important details and reviews and ratings. This is your one stop shop for guidance for eating out.

13. tvClickr

Here's another review oriented application, which features a type of forum for comments on almost any show as well as a short summary and even a few videos. The main thing about this app though is the fact that you can participate in games to earn credits that allow you to participate in contests, all tv-related of course.

12. Movies

This application is the ultimate movie guide where you can quickly rate movies you've seen, compile a list of movies you want to see, watch trailers, find movies that are in theatres and even compare your preferences with friends.

11. iLike

Here's the music version of the previous one. This is very well-designed and lets you find concert dates, rate artists, songs and videos and finally show off all your likes and dislikes. Of course, quite a bit of music information is provided too.

10. Causes

With this innovative application, users can donate money to different causes, all categorized into groups such as animals, environment and political campaigns. As well, you can create your own causes to raise money.

9. StyleFeeder

With this application, you can tell the whole world about how you shop; what clothes, furniture, CDs or whatever you like. Then, theres coupons, suggestions of thing you might like and available friends' preferences to see what the trends are these days.

8. weRead

Now you have an excuse to get Facebook. Tell your parents about weRead, which features everything books. And when I say everything I mean everything including top authors, top books, top searched books, new releases and user-made book reviews. Plus, you can add books to your personal library to really keep track of what you're reading.

7. NHL Scores & News/NFL Scores & News/NBA Scores & News/MLB Scores & News etc.

If you're a sports fan, you won't be able to live without this. Many applications are here to serve your needs and provide news, analysis and most importantly scores that are updated daily to feed your constant sports craving.

6. Stocks

With the application made by Forbes, you can track all of your stocks right from your favorite social network. Find news, earnings and even friends' portfolios right from this nifty little thing.

5. Study Groups

Create well... you may have guessed it, study groups. Instead of going to the library to study with friends and classmates, just use everyone's favorite social network, Facebook. Basically, you can create study groups for others to join and join other study groups.

4. My Blogs

This application publishes a post on your wall whenever you write something on your blog. Just give them the URL of either the blog or the RSS feed and they'll handle it from there.

3. Captain Resume

This is really an amazing application and I'll bet that in many lists this would be first. With the state of the economy and the number of job losses, there's been a lot of talk lately about promoting yourself using the internet. This lets you do just that allowing you to upload your resume, edit tags and proudly display it on your Facebook profile.

2. ProductPulse

With excellent interface and very simple controls, ProductPulse is a very well-designed application. But that's not all, you can share reviews to maybe praise a good product or let off steam about a bad one. And of course, you can read reviews and ratings that others have given to things before you go out and buy them.

1. Social Calendar

The main feature of this app is to remember all the "social events" in your life, whether it be birthdays, holidays or other occasions. But you can do a lot more as well; Add wishlists, see movie calendars and give gifts to friends.

Honorable Mention:


This application is both extremely well-designed and very useful and innovative. The main idea is to let users send virtual packages to friends enclosed with a message, a link, photos, gifts and even files. And of course, if the message is private, then you don't have to have the story published in your profile.

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shannon said...

Thanks so much for mentioning tvClickr on your blog! I work for LiveHive Systems, the company that developed this app. On top of all the features that you mentioned you can also participate in trivia and predictions with a community of fans while you watch your favorite shows on tv.

Thanks again!