Monday, November 3, 2008

10 Reasons Why MSN Chat Sucks

Most people I know would never even think of uninstalling their favorite little program, MSN. Well, here are a few reasons you should do so, before your life is ruined.

10. You can't take back things you say.

People might take a comment badly or you may say something that would offend someone. Of course, if you do something to embarass yourself, the news can spread like a wildfire because of the Internet.

9. It's an easy pathway cyber-bullying.

MSN encourages cyber-bullying with its interface and soon, you may be the victim of a vicious attack.

8. If you decide you want to chat with a robot, there's tons of advertisements.

This application has to be one of the most popular out there; every company wants to get their hands on one of these advertisements and some of them lead to surprisingly obscene sites.

7. Alerts.

You know those little pop-up boxes at the side of your monitor whenever something happens. That gets to be pretty annoying. Although you can stop them, this still comes as a huge downside and even frustrates people to the point where they just want to smash their computer.

6. You become dependant on MSN for all of your contact and scheduling needs.

This may seem petty but one day, it might come and bite you in the butt. If anything happens to your precious little MSN, you're dead.

5. Obligation to talk.

Here's a big one. When one of your friends is on and starts chatting with you, you can't just abandon them and sign out. That really sucks when you have a big assignment due at school the next day.

4. From the people that I ask, I see how addictive MSN really is.

Like a force of nature, MSN begins to ruin lives, dominating everything. It will terrorize you and your future but you can stop the madness. So if you or a loved one is in trouble, call MSN Users Anonymous. Fully confidential and very helpful.

3. It might be subtle, but MSN is very unhealthy.

First of all, sitting there all day "chatting" isn't exactly the best thing you can do to your body. And of course, think about your eyes; don't they deserve a bit better than to be sentenced to hours of the computer screen?

2. MSN takes up a lot of time. Really. A lot.

When you get obsessed, you can spend days of valuable time just trying to fill lines or expressing your emotions with little colored circles. Think about what you can be doing with this time. Just right now I came up with, "write a book, watch TV, make a magazine, invent something and of course, change the world." I guess Barack Obama can't spend his time on MSN.

1. You don't have a real social life.

If you haven't gone insane yet, you'll probably recognize how lame nattering on MSN is. I seriously don't think this is "cool" or really makes you socialable. This is just an excuse for computer nerds, really.

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