Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Google Mail's Leap To Video: Gmail Video and Voice Chat

As you may know, Gmail is one of the world's most used e-mail services, offering many great features such as a 20 MB attachment limit, over 7 GB of storage space and a handy labeling system. Another useful aspect is the web-based chat system that has wide selection of emoticons, group chats, personal messages and now video and voice chats.
Recently introduced, this component basically displays a view of streaming video from your buddy's webcam above the current chat. But if that doesn't satisfy you, you can also pop out to full-screen mode. However, if your friend doesn't hasn't enabled video chat, you can still operate a one-way video chat or just utilise the run-off of this, voice chat, which only requires a microphone.
It works like this. Where there used to be an "Options" button at the bottom left, you'll see a "Video and More" button instead (if you have video chat installed). So, you simply click this and a little box will pop up where you can select "Start Video Chat" or "Start Voice Chat". This will "call" the person you want to talk to, which notifies his/her computer with a ring that this person can choose to either ignore or respond to. When he/she has answered, you should see Gmail begin to do its job.
And the great thing about this is that you'll be able to actually see all the facial expressions, hear all the laughs and directly show others your favorite photos in person. In addition, Google provides these features with impressively high quality sound and video.
The old-fashioned text chat just isn't good enough these days. Video chat really re-defines internet communication and Gmail's version of this leads the pack so install this little program (it's only takes a few seconds) and start really taking advantage of the advances of the internet age.

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