Thursday, November 13, 2008

Next Time You Need Song Lyrics, Forget MetroLyrics

So, I'm planning to sing "Viva La Vida" by Coldplay at a school function but I don't have I clue about the song's lyrics. Thus, I do the only sensible thing, Google "viva la vida lyrics" and the first result is from MetroLyrics. I haven't recently been searching for lyrics so I decide that this must be the most reliable search. And what greets me when I get there but an annoying pop-up? In fact, I can guarantee that at least one every day, you will be hit by one of these when using MetroLyrics.
Did I mention the advertisements; there are 3 banner ads as well as a block of text ads. I mean, you can have a few ads but this site's usage gets to the point where it begins to thoroughly agitate you.
Another thing is the fact that this site is constantly pestering you for lyrics ratings (come on, lyric ratings?), comments, poll questions and widget downloads. How about the clutter of everything as well; this is one thing that I cannot stand. When I have to work to obtain the information I want, then the web designer isn't doing a very good job.
Sure, there are themed songs, song lists and featured album sections but if you really want the complete picture of the music world, go to Yahoo! Music. By the way, the good guys at Yahoo! now offer lyrics on that page as well.
But one last thing that left bad taste in my mouth, you can't copy the lyrics that are on MetroLyrics, which can be ever so inconvenient. So don't try ignore all these cons, just go to a different lyrics website.

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