Sunday, March 15, 2009

5 iPhone Apps We All Wish Existed

5. HaHaHa!

Touch the screen and the iPhone will over-emphatically announce, "Ha ha, you don't have an iPhone!" Customizable voices go as annoying as Sarah Palin.

4. I Hate Windows Switch

Connect to any PC installed with Windows and whenever frustrated, simply touch a button on your iPhone and flash a suicide message and shut down dramatically.

3. FixUrBoss

Insert an identification code for boss's computer's and as long as you're within 30 feet of his computer, he'll see Steve Urkel heads randomly pop up on his screen.

2. Dumb as a Bush

Turns microphone on and analyzes any conversations for appropriate places to blare out a stupid George Bush quote.

1. ObamaTrack

Tells you the distance between you and Barack Obama, the most direct route to him, predicts his next moves and gives you a comprehensive guide on being an Obama Fanboy, updated daily.

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