Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Health Still Matters: Count Calories with Calorie Lab

As one of PC Magazine's top 10 sites of 2008 and a FoodBuzz featured publisher, CalorieLab is definitely one of the few web pages that you can trust the condition of your body to.
Not only does this site have the nutrition facts of numerous generic foods (e.g. apples, fries, candy bars) but it also supplies comprehensive guides to exact nutrition counts of many dishes from pretty much every restaurant chain you'll ever come across, all categorized neatly. So next you go to KFC for example, you'll know that the KFC Chicken Snacker has 320 calories, with 16 grams of fat and 14 grams of protein. There's also a decent list detailing the nutrition facts of some particular brand names. A search bar to find specific restaurants and foods exists as well to help you with navigation.
But how could this site do without a count of calories burned by activities? Of course, this is included too; simply enter your weight, an activity name and you'll be on your way to finding exactly what you need to do to lose a few pounds.
However, if you want professionals to mold your diet for you totally, you'll find instructions to applying everything from the cookie diet, to the maple syrup diet. Experts looking at supplements, weight loss services and diet book reviews are also packed in.
Although I don't quite see what there is to report, another section of CalorieLab is devoted to "Calorie Counter News", basically just more guides to fitness, I guess.
On the other hand, I can't say that everything's flawless; one huge hole in this site is the fact that less prominent foods and eateries don't have many of the nutrition facts filled in. Instead, you'll simple see a gloomy grey N/A or a vague estimate (maybe <500 calories).
Still, it's free and it's absolutely a good investment of a few minutes every week.


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