Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Never Upgrade To Microsoft Office 2007

These days, there are plenty of things with plenty of dumb, useless features. However, somehow Microsoft found a way to sit itself at the top of this list with Microsoft Office 2007. If they're planning a new Office, I'm not aware of this but I'm quite sure it will also be crap. So here are the top 5 reasons why you should never upgrade from Office '03.

5. Defaults have been toyed with

So they decide they want to remove the ruler, change the default fonts to Calibri and Cambria, the default font size to 11 and many other things that you and me will never find.

4. A new interface

Office users are not all stupid. We don't need boxes to come up whenever we hover over a button and we absolutely don't need some geek at Microsoft deciding where the toolbars should go. In 2003, you could customize everything so it suited your needs; now they have a special organization that can't be altered.

3. Stupid features

You'll never come across, use or understand half of the features that are included in 2007 whether it be screen clippings, sidenotes, balloons, citations or envelopes. I'd rather stick with the practical things that I need every day then load up my PC with a load of crap that I'll never use in 20 years.

2. Most people haven't

If ever you decide you need to share one of your files and send it to a co-worker or classmate and they haven't upgraded (which they probably haven't and wisely too), they'll find that they won't be able to view or edit the file because the format of 2007 documents are totally different from other versions. And if you want to prevent this, you'll have to specify that you want the file to be saved in the older format.

1. An annoying number of other changes

The "Office Button", the different tab names, the different way of changing zoom. These seem petty now but the minutes that you spend on each of these things slowly add up and add up.

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