Monday, April 20, 2009

5 Ways to Save Your Eyes While on the Computer

These days all the talk is about weight loss and keeping your heart healthy. However, not many are as worried about their eyes, with vision probably your most valuable sense. But I understand you have to go on the computer, especially with blogs like this one (just joking!), so I won't tell you how to stop going on the computer or to relieve your eyes once you're done. I'll just tell you what to do while you're on to just help them out a bit.

5. Look away when the screen is white

White is a pretty irritating colour for your eyes, particularly when its on a computer screen. Plus, there's no point in staring at a blank screen so may as well look away, just to give your eyes a bit of a break.

4. Get a better monitor

Believe me, this helps. A flat monitor is always better then a rounded one while the higher the resolution, the better. I recommend any brand other than Acer. Although these ones are cheap, they are incredibly irritating for your eyes.

3. Lower the contrast and brightness

Your eyes hate contrast and brightness. They'll relax a bit more without as much contrast and brightness and you can see everything perfectly fine even with a bit less.

2. Don't stare to intently

I know sometimes you have to stare intently to read but this hurts your eyes a lot. Just train yourself to relax your eye muscles while watching videos or reading. This usually means basically not dilating your eyes and letting them be a bit lazy, if you get what I mean.

1. Take breaks

Ah. I hate to do this but it just helps you so much. It keeps your muscles loose, keeps you energetic and of course it helps your eyes. But don't just walk out of your office to stare at a newspaper's size 10 font or a TV screen. Go for a walk outside or just look into the distance every 45 minutes or so.

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