Monday, April 6, 2009

Opening Day: 5 Ways to Keep Track of the Baseball Game If You Don't Have a TV

You're on the subway, you're at work, you're at school or you just want an excuse not to watch your team lose miserably in high-definition (ahem, Seattle, Toronto and Washington fans). Either way, when everyone's talking about the game tomorrow and you didn't even catch the highlights, then watch your neck, especially when your boss is a drunk baseball fan. Here's a few ways to (half) catch the game without ever having to leave your computer:

5. Check the score

If you do this for opening day, then you can no longer consider yourself a baseball fan. However, it is one of the techniques, although it can only be reserved for loners. And if you don't know how to do this, you need help: There's Facebook applications, sports websites, Windows Sidebar tools and everything in between.


Another thing you can do is pay a hundred bucks for something you'll never actually used. I don't recommend this. Yes, you have your pause and rewind, DVR features, "high-definition quality" and everything else, but it's a hundred friggin' bucks (that's over 50 beers).

3. Radio live audio broadcasts

Chances are your baseball team has some sort of a radio station that broadcasts its games in audio. Also, this station hopefully supports online listening. This is the best way if your team has a station. The thing is though, most radio broadcasters are washed up commentators who got cut from ESPN.

2. Yahoo! Sports GameChannel

Don't we all love Yahoo? Here's another reason to love the good guys at Yahoo! Sports. The GameChannel. Not as bad as checking the scores as they support play-by-play, box-scores, full stats, player info and a better interface.

1. ESPN the next morning

If you're that keen on not watching the game but not getting fired, then just watch ESPN the next morning; they'll have the juicy parts, they'll tell you the score, they'll give you a few interesting facts.

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