Monday, April 13, 2009

The Ultimate Spam Filter: Create a Disposable Email Account with NowMyMail

If you're like me, you love to sign up for a lot of things and you end up with a lot of spam in your inbox (how about 10 every hour). And sure Yahoo! has got a decent spam filter and Gmail's is even better but none are flawless. But you've gotten used to it; you just have to give out your email for some of these contests even though they send you the prize in your mailbox.
But there's no need to face deleting all those messages anymore with NowMyMail, the disposable email service. It's pretty simple and there's not very much to talk about so I'll make this quick.
Whenever you see a contest that you just have to sign up for because they're giving away a $150 Starbucks gift card, but you don't see much of a point in giving your email away, just go to NowMyMail.
With a single click, you can create a disposable email that might be something like "". This will create an inbox where you can view emails in plain text and delete them as well. Of course, you can't reply (and it wouldn't be smart replying anyway). This email account will be remembered for up to an hour if you have cookies enabled on your browser, even if you close the page.
And after your done with it, it just deletes itself so you don't have to worry about it anymore while the sender's email will be flooded with Mail Delivery Errors.
Plus, it's free!

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