Tuesday, December 23, 2008

8 Economical Things to do with Your Kids Outdoors Over the Winter Holidays

8. Photography: FREE (if you own a camera)

Ok, this is a more adult-oriented activity but you can definitely get your children into this art by taking them into a little forest or ravine and letting them take a few shots. And winter offers some of the most magnificent photos of the year.

7. Ice fishing: $20

This isn't exactly the kiddiest thing to do either but it's always fun for them exploring new areas and the first fish they catch will be a pretty satisfying experience. Just obtain a license and go to any nearby lake (or even pond) and you'll be off and running.

6. Making snowmen and other snow sculptures: FREE

This can be done right in your front yard or at any nearby park and the great thing about this is that it's very flexible; you can make pretty much anything so it's suitable for all ages.

5. Tobogganing: FREE

You don't have the control of when you're skiing but there still is the thrill of going down a hill pretty fast. But you can make up for the lost control by constructing little ramps to add an extra bit of excitement to the equation. But watch out for any dangers such as trees and roads because most tobogganing spots aren't monitored.

4. Snowshoeing: $15

Anyone who can walk can go snowshoeing so it's very easy to learn. Moreover, snowshoeing is excellent exercise for both adults and kids and can be a great social group activity.

3. Snowball fights: FREE

Nothing could be more rewarding than hitting somebody in the face with a watery snowball. Now don't be put off by this physical element; snowball fights might hurt a bit at times but aren't going to cause any major injuries.

2. Skating: $0-$5

Trying to get through hoards of people at the malls is nothing compared to whipping through them on skates at the ice rink. Just like snowshoeing, ice skating is good exercise and is an amazing social group activity but is just a lot faster.

1. Skiing: $40/person

Swerving down the double black diamond at incredibly high speeds with the biting wind gusting past you can't be beaten (that's why it's number 1). Ok, maybe that's a bit extreme; maybe the blue or bunny hills would be more suitable but whatever you choose the feeling you get when you're skiing is always good.

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