Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The One Place Where People Will Listen To Your Opinion: ForandAgainst Debate

You go to work; your boss won't listen to you. You go back home; your spouse won't listen to you. You go to the mall; the employees won't listen to you. But there is one place where perhaps, your perspective actually counts and that place as to be ForandAgainst. ForandAgainst is a debate site that isn't just some blog where you'll get only a few select readers or a social network where only your friends will actually consider what you have to say. And it isn't a rough, inferior debate community either; it's the one place you sould turn to really get your view on things out.
With this website, you can vote for user-created debates, then declare your side in words, which you can keep short or add facts and evidence to. But you don't have to just stick with that, you can create your own debates, that will put your thoughts to the test in the web. Others can tell you what they think about that and basically, you'll be able to initiate an interactive discussion, with comments going back and forth, on pretty much any matter, whether it's fashion, sports, politics or anything else you can think of.
But ForandAgainst can act as a sort of social community as well with tons of features such as individual profiles and even shoutboxes. You can customize your profile picture and even subscribe to your personal RSS feed.
And arguing is incredibly fun, especially with the points system that gives you debater ranks.
You can start debating within about 5 minutes as long as you sign up and of course, it's all free.

In case you're interested, here's my ForandAgainst profile:

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