Monday, December 22, 2008

9 Essential Parts to a Perfect Christmas Party: The Last Four Aspects

For the first five aspects, go here.

4. Great social aspect

There is no such thing as a silent party and for good reason; a party is not a party without the volume turned to max with conversation, music and everything else. To achieve this, one tip is to invite more people because the more people, the more talking and the more talking, the more enjoyment. And if none of the guests are taking the initiative to become the life of the party, you, the host, should, to suck out any remaining wallflower left in anybody.

3. Planning

You should be ready for basically anything to happen. You should be ready for the people who like movies with a few DVDs; you should be ready for the gamers in the crowd with a bunch of video games; you should be ready for the dancers with some music and a disco ball; and you should be ready for the drinkers with a few cases of beer.

2. The spirit of giving

Invoke this spirit by setting an example, giving up the last slice of pizza or a few minutes of your day to pick someone up. Give up your parking space and even a bit of money for one of the guests to buy something they really need. As well, you can host a little bit of a gift exchange where each person is assigned another person to buy a gift for and everybody gives and receives something.

1. Christmas feel

A Christmas feel can be added to a party in many different ways. For instance, decorations should be plentiful- Christmas trees and lights are musts and lighting the fireplace can really put in some Christmasness-, you can add a bit of red and green to your food, and having your guests dress in Christmassy clothes can do a lot as too.

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