Sunday, December 21, 2008

9 Essential Parts to a Perfect Christmas Party: The First Five Aspects

9. Cleanliness

Although it is true that by the end of the party, your place will likely be about 5 times as messy as it was before, you should definitely take a day, preferably the day before the party, to clean. This is simply because nobody wants to attend a party in an old shack of a place. Do a little sweeping, swiffering/mopping, dusting, wiping and possibly vacuuming to put your house into a good condition.

8. Not too crazy

You absolutely want to have as much fun as possible but you don't want to get carried away. A police visit and a few fines or arrests will ruin anybody's holiday spirit and will take away all the life in your party, that is if it is even allowed to carry on. One thing you should think about is how much alcohol you're allowing guests to have; limit this to limit craziness. Lastly, tell your buds to turn their down their music and break any fights up to ensure that your party doesn't run into trouble.

7. No hurt feelings

You may be saying to yourself, "What? Why do we have to worry about that, nobody starts being a thug at a Christmas party." But you may not see it on the outside but at those teenage Truth or Dare, Spin the Bottle parties, feelings are hurt way too much. So try to lay off of the crude humour and offensive jokes for a day because Christmas is supposed to be all about peace and generosity.

6. Enough entertainment for everybody

Nobody enjoys a party where they're just standing around doing nothing half the time. Thus, you've got to have plenty of different things to do whether it's watching a hockey game, playing an Xbox, playing poker or just revelling in a nice board game. A party where everybody's just standing around with a beer, making small talk gets really boring.

5. A bit of organization

I'm not telling you to make your whole party "you have to do this, you have to do that," but there should be a few group activities that you know pretty much everyone will find fun. Also, you should, without doubt, set a loose schedule of what should happen when, detailed with the arrival time, meal times, and activity times.

For the last four aspects, come back tomorrow. Remember, these ones will be the most crucial to a successful party.

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