Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Feature: Easy Decorating for the Holidays

Make It Themed

Don't simply buy a bunch of random items and place them throughout your house. Instead, use themed decorating and install a sort of feel into your home whether you're going for a snowy feel, a cozy feel or something centered around a specific part of Christmas.
For example, to acheive a white Christmas feel, use transparent Christmas lights, line your tree with white ornaments and even put up a white wreath. Or if you're especially extravagant, you might want to make different parts of the house differently themed.

Remember The Colors

The christmas colours are generally regarded as red, green and possibly white. However, other shades such as brown and orange will definitely work well too. So put around your house, items that feature these colors. And one flawless way to bring out these colors is to dim the lights a bit if you have a dimmer or just turn less on if you don't.

Outdoor Christmas Decor

Christmas Lights

Christmas lights are really an essential thing to have for holiday decorating because they are what's supposed to stand out particularly. You can place these on trees, bushes, walls, roofs or even the ground and don't forget to use the LED types for increased energy efficiency, which will save the environment and your wallet. Christmas lights come in all shapes and sizes and some are even animated to portray a scene.


For the most part, these will be added as door decorations but you can hang them on porch lights or flower hooks as well. You might think that there's not much you can do with these but there are special varieties such as lighted ones and ones made out of other materials. Plus, there are generally small ornaments on wreaths and to go with the them of your house, select the wreath accordin to this ornament.

Other Ones

There are so many different other items that you can utilise to really make your home shine but I'll stick to the most practical ones.


These are basically statues except they are a lot lighter, less expensive and more popular. Inflatables can range from winter scenes or just ones of Santa and the reindeer but they all work extremely well, especially when lit from the inside of them.


These only really work well in the day when they can be seen unless you have some type of a spotlight to highlight them. You might want to put one of these beside your door or right at the edge of your lawn to greet visitors. Out there are statues of elves, snowmen, reindeer and of course, Santa Claus.

Indoor Christmas Decorations

Christmas Trees

If you don't have a Christmas tree, you pretty much don't have anything, meaning you'd better get one of these by the time December 25th rolls around. Obviously, these are not bare; they are decorated with different ornaments and lights. These should, again, depend on your theme. If your theme is just the normal Christmas theme, then the ornaments and lights you use don't really matter but you absolutely don't want a tree filled only with ball ornaments; put up a variety of different types. Also, if your tree is going to be against a wall, make sure to put your favorite decorations on the front but don't leave the back empty because people are bound to look there some time or another and an empty side is not that appealing.
Lastly, you'll have to make the decision to buy either an artificial tree or a natural one. Obviously, artificial ones can last you a lifetime and are easier to work with but natural ones are always something to brag about.


The holidays are the one time of year where playing with fire is definitely good for you. Candles are always a nice addition with their scents and colors while fireplaces can be good places to talk around.


This is by far the easiest thing to do as you're essentially killing two birds with one stone. You can eat the food, but first you can put it on display and I don't mean the peas and corn but the pie and gingerbread houses.


Stockings and gifts are definitely something to consider. Putting these up just makes the home feel more natural as presents are a part of any Christmas and they don't have to be actually filled either, just wrapped boxes or empty stockings will work.

Tabletop Decor

Those beautiful holiday cards don't have to go to waste as they can just be scattered around the house, acting as extra decorations.
To add, miniature statues or christmas trees can be employed while red and green mugs, plates and bowls can without doubt be easy decorations solutions.

Put It All Together

I can only tell you so much as you just have to figure out yourself how to arrange each of these objects so they fit in with each other and make a perfectly decorated house.

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