Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Ultimate Social Network of Entertainment: Share Your Music, Photos, Videos and More on Bebo

On the web, there are literally hundreds of social networks and communities, all begging you to join and start posting. However, not many of these are actually worth your while and most of them, you'll find pretty useless. But there are definitely one or two that you have joined and are finding quite fun to play with. Bebo is one that you absolutely might want to give a try.
The basic concept of Bebo is not to center around the boring stuff but to venture into the world of entertainment. With an array of people joining every day, Bebo is becoming a real competitor in the internet market, hosting really the same things as the Facebooks and the Myspaces but with a different twist. Bebo still has the normal profiles, friends, groups and apps as well as a messaging system and blog platform but it really isn't the same.
As I mentioned before, Bebo looks to project the entertainment side of people with many band profiles as well as the ability to upload music yourself, popular videos that are posted by famous people and organizations which again, you can upload yourself, and various types of books (you can register your self-published ones to get international exposure). Even the skins (graphical customizations of your profile) and groups have a lot to do with entertainment, whether it be the web, music, movies or photos.
Still, this social network does not at all lack in the personal factor. In fact, you can create widgets, polls, quizzes, notes, drawings and comment on others' profiles as well.
So take a few minutes to check out the emerging social network of entertainment, Bebo.

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