Monday, October 27, 2008

The History of Food: The Food Timeline

The Food Timeline can be a highly useful website during any school project or other research thing.
This page contains a huge number of resources that will impress a culinary master.
One of these is the long detailed timeline of food right from the beginning, at water and ice.
Also, there are descriptions of the histories of a number of foods such as pasta and popcorn in convenient links on the timeline.
Supplementing to this list, there are fifteen other intriguing pages regarding everything from historic food prices to traditional meals organized by decade. And for the teachers, there are interactive lesson plans. For the aspiring chefs, there is a great list of digital cookbooks for each time period.
But if you still don't trust the information, let me just tell you that their several renowned encyclopedias and other publications that are cited as resources.
So if you're ever bored or have some type of assignment related to food, The Food Timeline can be a real factor in determining your success.

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