Sunday, October 26, 2008

An Online Guide to Psychology: The Encyclopedia of Psychology

Developed by the Jacksonville State University, the online Enyclopedia of Psychology is quite a powerful resource for any psychology-related project.
This great directory of psychology websites contains almost 2000 links that can provide valuable information about this mysterious field. And all this massive database is constantly revised and updated to make sure that it sustains itself as something that can be of use.
Moreover, for easy access, pages are well-categorized, supplementing to its search system. Of course, to help you find what you need, each site has a short and accurate description right under.
And if you know of another site that can be added to this list, there is a page to add it to the encyclopedia.
Plus, if you're feeling particularly curious, you might want to check out a random psyschology site or the most popular links.
So all in all, the Encyclopedia of Psychology is one thing you might want to take a look at, especially if you are studying psychology.

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