Monday, October 27, 2008

On My Watchlist: Zoocasa Real Estate Search

Recently, I was surfing and clicked on ad just out of plain curiousity. It led my to Zoocasa, a seemingly new real estate search that runs only in Canada.
When I arrived at the homepage, I found it to be very clean and uncluttered. To add, the design of the page is much like that of Google but it is much more appealing to the eye.
So I decided to try its search system as this was obviously its main component at saw what it could do. As with top real estate search engines, Zoocasa had several customizable features such as price range, number of bedrooms and number of bathrooms as well as the location.
Naturally, my first instinct was to just type "Toronto, Ontario" into the box and not change anything else. This gave me over 5000 different homes on sale, pretty impressive for something just starting out. All of these listings included a price, location, short description and image and were quite organised. Adding to that, you could sort your results to make finding the perfect home even easier.
Another tool that was provided was the research, that displayed average housing prices in Toronto, organized by number of bedrooms as well as an article about the city.
Lastly, if you make an account with them, you can also track areas or homes, which can be helpful with home-buying.
So there are some minor issues such as the slow loading and non-global/continental search but I think Zoocasa will soon expand so put this site on your watchlist too because it might be big one day. You never know.

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