Thursday, October 30, 2008

Why The I-Dog Sucks

But honestly, would you really spend $35 on this thing. If you're not familiar with this piece of crap, let me introduce it to you: Basically, it's a hunk of plastic with a few flashing lights on it; and it can move in a super-generic and cheesy way; and it can play your music aloud. Wow. Awesome.
Yeah right. So the it has a few "cool" features. It dances (some conditions apply). Its lights are different colours for each type of music. How lame can it get?
One of its marketing tosses is it'll let you "rock out" but for real, I'd rather rock out with an actual rock that with a little toy that makes you want to break its head off. I mean, it's speakers are barely functional; save some money and go out and buy some real ones.
Let me just compare prices with similar things that aren't as dumb. An Osprey-Talon version is $13.95, and this other one is $9.99.
So just a glance inside the (un)wonderful world of i-accesories. Next time you see one of these, just say i-notstupid.


Anonymous said...

lol. i totally agree. stupid toys these days.

Anonymous said...

u idiot!
the idog is awesome dammit! i have one and yes it does work!

Anonymous said...

He didn't say it didn't work, he said it was crap. And it is.