Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Drinks Mixing Authority: Drinks Mixer

15000 is a lot of pretty much anything. Drink recipes are no exception and the largest guide to mixing drinks the web has got to offer is right here. Drinks Mixer has a gargatuan library of drinks; whether you long for a nice liquer, beer, non-alcoholic drink, cocktail or coffee (and more!), this will provide you with everything you need.
The huge number of recipes come from every corner of the world and are detailed with exact ingredient specifications, nutrition facts, user reviews and other notes. For the most ambitious bartenders, they even have instructions on the type of glass to put it in for best effect.
Moreover, for each ingredient listed in the instructions, there is a quick link to a unique ingredient page, filled with a brief description, nutrition facts as well as popular brands and drinks that can be made with the ingredient.
And navigation through all this is easy with a relatively good search system and categories that drinks fall under.
Adding to that, there are multiple other points of interest that you might want to check out: These include a few bartender tips, games to play at parties, terminology and a little information on glassware. But if you're a bit inexperienced in the area of drinks, there are great drink and ingredient recommendations (most popular/featured). On the other hand, if you are knowledgeable in drinks, share that by submitting your own recipes that will be on display for the world to see.
Of course, if you register, you will also have a handy "cabinet" to "store" your favorite drink recipes in. So go on and register and enjoy the plentiful drink recipes on Drinks Mixer

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