Thursday, October 16, 2008

New Innovation in Writing: The Papermate Syncro

These days with the ever-expanding horizon of technology, the petty little pencil has been forgotten. But here is one of the reasons to use that old pencil again. The Papermate Syncro.
I know it sounds kind of stupid for me to be raving on about a pencil but I'll show you how pencils are actually advancing just as much as computers.
To begin with, the Syncro has a comfortable grip with a clicker right on it to advance the graphite easily. As well, this pencil features a large eraser that fits right into the pencil and is twisted out. You may not be able to see it easily, but inside there is even a shock absorbing spring that makes writing a lot more comfortable. Finally, the sleek modern look of this mechanical pencil makes anybody look professional and trendy.
So for innovation in writing, try the Papermate Syncro, even though it may be a little yesterday.

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Chip said...

I agree. Just what I want in a pencil. Only problem is they keep getting lost, so I'm ordering a 12 pack.