Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Top 10 Best Freeware

10. Audacity

A powerful sound editor that allows you to apply numerous effects and analyze recorded sounds

9. Wordpress

A blogging application that lets you express your opinion with many more tools than any web-based hosts

8. Youtube Downloader

A simplistic software that makes downloading and converting Youtube videos easy

7. Stickies

A desktop-based freeware that you can use to remind yourself of any important event, with the "stickies"

6. Limewire

A file-sharing application that permits you to download all of your favorite songs and videos for free.

5. iTunes

Apple's accompaniment of their iPod, selling top-quality music, videos and much more; extremely user-friendly

4. Desktop iCalendar Lite

Another desktop-based application that displays a small calendar, to-do and event list on your monitor for quick access and viewing

3. Google Toolbar

Blocks pop-ups, provides quick-links to several of the best Google services, allows you to search with Google even if you're not on Google and more.

2. Adobe Reader

Reads the highly popular PDF format

1. Internet Explorer

If you have anything other than this, I seriously suggest that you switch and if you aren't using the latest version, you should definitely upgrade to either version 7.0 or 8.0 (BETA)

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