Friday, October 10, 2008

A Simplistic Approach to Home Design: BHG Arrange-A-Room

One of the most circulated magazines in the United States has introduced an innovative new online tool that allows users to plan the layout of a room for their next big reno project. Better Homes and Gardens'Arrange-A-Room is a great way to get your ideas down on paper, and can be of assistance to you even though it is totally free.
Arrange-A-Room lets you choose from a vast library of furnishings and other architectural objects. Naturally, you can resize and rotate any items inserted as well to make your design absolutely perfect.
Although the tool is 2-D, its colour, polished drawings and sleek interface allow users to truly visualize what they had in mind.
And even if exact measurements are what you fancy, this can be of great help to you as you can enter specific rotation levels and sizes.
With this, you can make the home office you've dreamed of come to life. You can make your shoddy old bedroom into one you'll want to stay in all day. Even your bathrooms and entertainment centers will become easy to design.
All in all, when you need a free home design application but don't want to download, Arrange-A-Room will be your best friend.

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